Baldurs Gate 3: RPG significantly larger than originally planned More information coming soon

The developers from Larian Studios announced that the final version of the ambitious project will be much bigger than originally planned. We also promised that we could look forward to some more details regarding the roleplaying in the next month. In a way, as part of the opening ceremony, I asked him to take the plunge.

In an update to Baldurs Gate 3, developers at Larian Studios pointed out that the final version of the ambitious project is much bigger than originally planned. It was also promised that we could expect more details regarding the roleplaying game in the next month.

In the opening day of summer game festival 2023, last Thursday, the developers at Larian Studios showed us a video of Baldurs Gate presenting new ideas about the world. If you should’ve missed this video, you can look at it here.

With last week presentation, Larian Studios announced on Steam that we will be given a comprehensive information update on Baldurs Gate 3 by the next month.

According to official information, this is in line with the available classes and the different races you can use to create your heroes.

Larian Studios said that there are no spoilers to be feared when the forthcoming details are published.

The scale of the project grew as the progress was made.

According to Larian Studios executives, Baldurs Gate 3 has grown a lot over the years. Therefore, the final version of this role-playing game will be significantly bigger than originally planned. Finally, the creators went to Baldurs Gate, confirming that the city is made up of three seamlessly connected areas with a crypt, a citadel, a hidden cellar and many more.

This means that, while ambitious, we did reach that kind of sway when all the stories of the city are connected.

There is always a lot to explore, so many distractions are avoided. We wanted that each house has real characters with stories and secrets, and that can offer quests.

The Baldurs Gate 3 will be available on August 31, 2023 for PC and PlayStation 5. Platforms in which the potential implementations are possible would be later followed.

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