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Cyberpunk 2077 game news: If you play with PC, beware. With the publication of our website The Last Woman at 12:45 GMT Share: I've now said no mans skies are no longer the only games that have walked the path of redemption. As well as their studio counterparts Hello Games, developers have sweated blood and water to deliver the best possible results.

Take no care of the game, cyberpunk 2077: if you play on your PC, beware.

Published on the 13-13 of 1923 at 12:45.

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Now, No Mans Sky isn’t the only video game in which it could have walked through the path of redemption. As is their studio counterparts Hello Games, developers CD Projekt sweated so much blood and water to provide the best possible experience for Cyberpunk 2077 players. Phantom Liberty expansion, the Polish studio updates its performance standards and alerts the players to a change.

The Phantom Liberty, an extension of the caliber of the Witcher 3?

Soon after the third anniversary of Cyberpunk release 2077 is approaching. Today, the title is not related to what it was when it was released and has won, as it is the sweat of its brow (but not only that of its developer), its nobility letters. While it’s an absolute necessity, CD Projekt will quickly celebrate the release of a more than substantial extension called Phantom Liberty. Currently in the summer game, the other content, which Keanu Reeves has re-promoted, will give us a new segment with a character that has the features of Idris Elba.

Maintenant que the release of Phantom Liberty is scheduled for September 26, CD Projekt teams are preparing the ground. Certainly Cyberpunk 2077 keeps getting better, but every member of the Polish studio continues to work hard to make this experience possible for both fans and those who will begin the adventure in the weeks or months ahead. In this case, all PC players need to take into account these changes as to the system configurations. Yes, reaching a certain level of performance requires some tweaks, either on one side or on the other side.

Acheter DLC Phantom Liberties Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt makes the choice with the grave consequences to continue on expanding Cyberpunk 2077.

In response to the revelation of the next extension of Cyberpunk 2077 and the officialization of its release date, CD Projekt published a long post saying that because of their technical requirements, there will be a few modifications in the system configurations in the near future. In the lot, the Polish development studio explained that it had decided to abandon the support of hard drives for the minimum requirements in favor of SSDs. CD Projekt took the opportunity to reveal a large summary table, so every player on PC can accurately see the required configuration.

According to the CD Projekt, the most logical explanation of this choice is that SSDs have great speed and performance. Nevertheless, the Polish studio wants to let everyone know that this doesn’t mean the game will stop working on the previous minimum requirements, but that they will stop active support and testing on these configurations. In the first place, gamers have the ability to do a lot of research. If it is, then they can enjoy Cyberpunk 2077, while its improvements take 100% of the time, with the addition of Overdrive ray tracing.

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