Overwatch 2 fans outraged over an expensive budget of $15 for story missions

However, Overwatch 2 seems to be a terrible one as soon as it discovers that coveted stories missions are not free or available in one player.

Of all the time, overwatch 2 is not an idea.

Things continue to look bad for Overwatch 2, as it discovered its coveted story missions aren’t free or available in one player.

Overwatch fans felt a lot of disappointment and frustration when Blizzard admitted that it had to abandon its big PvE plans for Overwatch 2 aka one of the key selling points of the sequel.

This didn’t mean there would be any PvE content. Instead of starting an active mode like it was originally planned, Overwatch 2 will be making co-op story missions, with the first batch arriving in an update in August.

All goodwill Blizzard gained from the new trailer of the Xbox Games Showcase, however, has been lost as fans discovered this story missions are paid content.

In order to access 3 stories of missions, you must buy the Overwatch 2: Invasion bundle, priced at $15. That’s roughly 12 dollars, but we couldn’t find an estimated price.

There is a 30-32-pound bundle, which contains additional content like the premium battle pass and two character skins.

A blog post detailing everything says that buying the bundle gives permanent access to the story missions. That makes it look like the story missions are free, but only in a limited time. So you need to pay the bills to keep them.

It’s not really true that. The spokesperson for Blizzard told Forbes that the bundle is the only way to reach the story missions. The bundle is going to remain available so latecomers won’t miss out, however, there’s no way of playing these missions without paying for them.

After all, overwatch 2 is a game free-to-play, so it needs to make money somehow. However, given the growing discontent in the players’ community, it is hard to say that it’s now behind a paywall to fans who live in the long-off’s promise.

This is the nail in my coffin as I’ve invested 2,000 hours.

After every detail, it’s very gross to charge for PVE missions. This game was a coup for what was quite remarkable. I am sorry. https://t.co.nz/rhNOxNkknu.

Meg Bethany Koepp (@kuromimeg) June 13, 2023.

Wow. Disinterest doesn’t even describe how I feel now. It’s been a hard trip from 2 years ago to get money. Now you try to steal some more money.

Rachel (@bluekitty026) June 13, 2023.

I realized that 15 bucks for three missions is for only one? When new mission is available, you’re going to ask for cash and ask me for my cash! That esentially makes the 400 bucks pack a loss of value at all.

ShadowRev900 (@RevTheSim) June 12, 2023

If the bundle isn’t an option, it is fine. If you say we must pay for the story mission, perhaps start working on your next game because the fans have been satisfied with that. A game must remember your money and time. That’s why Fortnite still is very large.

Jason McAlister (@kildain) June 12, 2023.

I’m not really in any position to experience the missions solo. According to Game Informer, they are only co-ops so you’ll have to make a team up to play them.

If players fall behind the clock, the computer will take over their character, but only when another human becomes into a role. With computer-controlled alibi, a role in the missions cannot be played by itself.

I think that Overwatch 2 is actually a dead game but its days are no longer numbered. Even though it’s too soon to say if that’s the case, the game definitely has a public image problem, with its controversies far outweighing any positives that it might have.

The news of the new trailer on YouTube is perhaps not obvious.

Overwatch is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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