Final Fantasy 16 / quality mode on PS5: comparison video in the demo

The Square Enix team released a demo on PlayStation 5. Before opening the game, the game's festive setting opens for the summer game, while the Games fest will be held in the spirit of a festive atmosphere. The launch of the content is a good way to get started on the ground up on the performance of [] the [s] website.

Before the game start and the summer games with the special theme, the Square Enix team rolled out the free demo of Final Fantasy XVI available for PlayStation 5.

The launch of the content provides a fantastic opportunity to re-examine the situation regarding the performance of the action RPG in terms of Sony hardware. In particular, the former have made appearance video comparisons between performance and quality of Final Fantasy XVI, with the now famous El Analista de Bits who didn’t wait for his opinion. The analyst says that with the video you find at the beginning of the news, the analyst offers a start-up analysis.

According to the tests done, the quality mode of the Final Fantasy XVI demo proposes a resolution in 2160pgenerated by upscaling from 1440p to 30fps. At different speeds the performance can turn to 60 fpshowever suggesting a resolution a 1440p, this will turn into a uspcaling model starting from 1080p. In most agitated stages, however, frames drop, which leads to the action, even at 40fps. In both modes of use, the cinematic sequences of Final Fantasy XVI are presented at 30 ps, and the uploads are practically impossible. The quality mode is suited for aesthetic purposes, plus a better resolution, a better quality of the shadows and some slight improvement in lighting lighting.

Players curious to test the content can download the demo free of Final Fantasy XVI on PS5.

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