How much longer do you choose when NorthVPN offers both in one plan?

VPN and telephony are both very practical tools to protect your privacy. Why should you choose this one? With its subscription, NorthVPN is able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Source: NKN. Protection of personal data is a complex matter.

VPN and antivirus are two extremely practical tools that provide the protection of the internet’s data. Who will I choose? The solution for NordVPN is its subscription to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Source : NorthVPN.

The protection of personal data is a complicated matter since it is widely available for theft. Besides the attacks that resulted from an overwhelming population of malicious people by their phishing and other spammers, a simple fact that they were only browsing the internet sometimes relates to what’s necessary to protect their privacy. It’s therefore essential, but not necessarily easy to protect against such attacks.

Choosing the right tool to protect your personal information isn’t easy, but instead we have a choice that could make life easier. Don’t worry about whether to use a VPN or an antivirus. In a single subscription, you can enjoy the best of both worlds for $3.99 each month.

VPNs: an effective tool to protect your privacy.

If you are regular in our columns, you heard a VPN at least once. This tool was originally created to connect two remote computers securely, now used to secure the privacy and safety of those who are using it to make sure the privacy of their clients very safe.

You’re generally protected against hackers who go on the internet as an unauthorized way of identifying them. On the whole, connections via a VPN allow you to:

By masking your IP address and therefore your location, assure the security of your activities and your online exchanges with a safe connection (A-256 encryption); maintain your privacy on the Internet; fight against surveillance by Internet networks.

Besides the security provided by its use, a VPN also offers additional advantages. So, when you’re abroad, you can still access all your content without worrying about geographical limitations. NordVPN is especially useful in video game play competition.

Antivirus: the perfect solution to defeat external threats.

You can attack your data a lot. It’s no longer enough if good digital hygiene means a knowledge of the main threats. Cybercriminals are continuously evolving and they are becoming increasingly resourceful in deceiving Internet users.

The antivirus can help you combat all these threats effectively. Upon install on your computer, its role is to analyze everything that passes through it (web pages, files, programs, apps), to find any suspicious activity. With a solid database, regularly updated, and many protocols, he can isolate everything to be dangerous to him.

The antivirus can prevent or delete the computer, without damaging the file. It helps block spam and adverts, and also deactivates trackers collected on the net.

One-year subscription means that the best of both worlds have a unique agreement.

It’s difficult to determine if a VPN is more useful than an antivirus, or vice versa. This are two complementary tools that protect your personal data, whether on your computer or on any other computer to surf the web.

There’s no doubt the reason that NordVPN offers a service that includes one of the best VPNs on the market along with a solid antivirus. This is a unique ecosystem. We focus on monitoring, protection and prevention of your privacy.

But it isn’t NordVPNs only strength. Firstly, NorthVPN is a dependable network that counts on over 5,700 servers in 60 countries around the world – with its speeds becoming among the best on the market. One can even create a VPN by connecting a number of devices by the Mesh network.

This service is a service that relies on simplicity with an integrated approach and application. And when it comes to security, each account can protect up to six different devices, irrespective of a computer, a smartphone or a TV.

When you commit for a two-year commitment, the NordVPN Essential subscription is available with a nice discount. All you have to do is pay € 3.99 per month for two-to-four-month service and a half-hearted offer.

NordVPN offers additional services, which also give protection to your personal data more serious, whether in partnership with NordLocker, its private cloud or NordPass, a highly effective password manager.

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