The fewest bugs that happened in the games against Bethesda will be released on July 3rd

Matt Booth promised Starfield won't have the least bugs at all of the studios games Bethesda. According to the head, many people take part in the study of the novelty about space exploration and which, evidently, helps achieve a positive result. Buti thinks the low-bug claim would [] mean that it would [...

The Head Microsoft Game Studios promised that Starfield has the least number of bugs in all studios games Bethesda.

According to the head of the team, many people participate in the tests of the novelty about space exploration, this, obviously, has positive effects. Buti thinks the claim that the low-bug would still exist, even if Starfield would release today.

Buti knows a certain number of technical problems in the game, as he saw relevant data, but the number was not publicly available.

In fact, the history of bugs was relevant for Bethesda games. We speak not only about the creations of the Bethesda Game Studios like Fallout 76, but also about the new releases that were launched in the spirit of Redfall.

The latest release particularly undermined Microsoft’s reputation because of technical difficulties. Therefore, the company is probably also monitoring Starfield’s status more closely.

Until recently, a large presentation of new items was conceived by the players as part of Starfield Direct, which brought a positive response from the audience.

And for Redfall recently released the first major patch for 32 GB.

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