All the games are being released on Xbox Game Pass in 2023 and 2024: there are many!

With eighteen games being released on Xbox Game Pass on day one announced during the Xbox Games Showcase, the list of games expected on day one in the Microsoft service catalog becomes enormous. From Starfield to Forza Motorsport via Avowed and Senuas Saga: Hellblade II, the Xbox Games Studios titles will be so many [][] [] they will be a number of different titles [] from Starfield.

The list of titles set up in the Microsoft service catalog become extremely extensive with eighteen games being announced on Day one of Xbox One’s Pass.

From Starfield to Forza Motorsport, via Avowed and Senuas Saga: Hellblade II, the titles of Xbox Games Studios, they will be numerous and of great weight. From these, however, there will be added third and Indie productions of the genre of Persona 3 Reload, Hollow Night: Silksong, Payday 3, Humankind and many others. Here we give an overview of the already confirmed games, with coming soon with the Xbox gaming pass on the new season.

Xbox Game Pass 2023 games.

Dordogne (13.June); Sword and Fairy 7 (11.July); There are four times, three times as many as two. Starfield (September 6); P (September 19); Party Animals (September 20); Payday three (21 September)); Forza Motorspot (October 10); Cities: Skylines 2 (October 24); PodUP! October 20, 23; Persona 5: The kings, 17 o’clock, Jusant 20, 2023.

Xbox Game Pass 2024 games.

33 idments (early 2024); Persona 3 reload (early 2024); What can be done? IV: Age of Empires. Age of Mithology: Retold; Ara: History Uncertainty; Avowed; It’s a simple, good-looking star. Bushideen; Cocoon; Dungeon of Hinterberg; Dungeons 4; Ereban Chronicle: Million heroes; Ereban, 50,000 heroes; and more. Flock; The pigs’s son: the gablel infected man. The Dark Knight: Silksong; Humankind; Lightyear Affiliation; Stada: slams. Maquette; Marauders; Microsoft flight simulator 2024; Pigeon Simulator; Replaced; Routine; Senuas Saga: Hellblade II. He dreamed all over there. He’s using solar ash. SpiritTea; STALKER 2; Towerbone; Thirty-six suits; Turnip boy Robs a bank. Warhammer 40.000: Darktide. Take the path in the woods;

Which of these are you expecting most from them? We remind you that the games presented at the Xbox Games Showcase, including Fable, will arrive on day one of the Xbox games, but aren’t currently open for the first time.

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