We would be surprised to see me on stage: The boss, Square Enix (Final Fantasy 16) tackles his former teachers who accused him of playing too much

They would amaze me to see me on stage: Square Enix boss (Final Fantasy 16) snared his former teachers at tyre stumbling out of time. And, if we don't, maybe [] a second chance was done.

People surprised me when they saw me on stage: Square Enix boss (Final Fantasy 16) tackles his former teachers who accused him of playing too much.

Published on the 13/13/2023, at 13:05.

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Maybe you have been told that you play too many video games, if you’ve never achieved anything in your life. And if you’re not a lucky guy, you could take revenge, as the boss of the game, Square Enix did with this tackle and put it on stage. He made our dream come true.

Takashi Kiryu, the new president of the Square Enix.

After 10 years of good and loyal service, Yosuke Matsuda put his mantle in order to be the president of Square Enix. He doesn’t get a lot of mixed reviews from him. Since the Japanese company has experienced unprecedented growth under his reign, its last decision hasn’t been unanimous. It was a strategy focused on free radicals, acquisition of a few Western studios and a few failures scattered around here and there all was not rosy at the end for this dear Matsuda. So the board of Directors of Square Enix decided to thank him in order to improve the management team with the aim of embracing constantly evolving technological innovations and maximising the creativeness of the group. company so as to help its customers, the customer will get bigger.

The chosen replacement is not besides Takashi Kiryu. The number you are not aware of is not really surprising. Kiryu is an innovator for the Square Enix ecosystem. He joined the company only in 2020. But neither the little one nor the little one is coming from nowhere. Before that, he was the chief executive of Dentsu’s communications company. This guy has a good aptitude and it is not for nothing that he climbed the ladder when he arrived at Square. The ascent started at last, since Kiryu obtained a role that doesn’t really allow for promotion, is the head of Square Enix. For this young man who grew up playing Final Fantasy (perhaps even a bit too much), it became a consecration. And he returned to this point during the Pre-launch of Final Fantasy.

A fan of Fantasy Finale who pounces on his revenge!

After a brand new trailer for the game, Takashi Kiryu stepped out of the door (in English) on the Los Angeles stage. The moment seems to be a little overtretched. In fact evoked his childhood and his particular commitment to the brand-new Square Enix licence: I don’t know how you watched this trailer, but I felt like a kid again, winter 1987, who loved RPGs and Dragon Quest. The year before and was exciting. I had to get something new, something bigger. It was my gratitude for helping my parents get the oranges, so I asked them for an early Christmas present. And finally, my dad bought me the very first Final Fantasy.

Then he started to unravel his discovery of that title. How he moved his music, game, and story. The chief of Square Enix explained as well how he had become a true fan of Final Fantasy, even though it meant abandoning studies. It was so far so that some teachers told him that he wouldn’t succeed in life if he continued playing so many video games. I was thrilled to see you in this stage, but it was laughing. A beautiful story which automatically gave a certain popularity to Takashi Kiryu and will certainly make many young people who told the same thing dream.

About the Final Fantasy XVII.

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