How to watch the Xbox Extended Showcase 2023 and what to expect from this event, and what to expect from this event

Xbox news isn't finished yet. The Xbox Extended Showcase 2023 will take place this afternoon to continue extending the information about several games. We tell you what time it will be and what we can expect and what you need to know about it. We've got no E3 2023, but I have a Xbox...

Xbox isn’t all about. Xbox Extended Showcase 2023 will continue to expand information regarding a handful of games. We tell you what time it’s going to be right, what we can expect and everything that you need to know.

We haven’t had E3 2023 yet Xbox He has got a great event last Sunday. With a somewhat annoying Summer Game Fest, Microsoft went live with the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 y Starfield Direct left a lot of ads.

However, Microsoft It didn’t conclude with the news to Xbox X | S, Xbox One, PC and its successful Xbox Game Pass. There are still the final fireworks of Xbox Extended Showcase 2023, a tradition that has been celebrated for some years.

And then we are going to tell you everything to know about this Xbox Extended Showcase 2023.What time does the event start? What are they going to be doing? Where can we live at this event? And what games and announcements can we expect? We detail everything.

Schedule and where to see the Xbox Extended Showcase 2023.

This Xbox Extended Showcase 2023 will air today, June 13, at 19. There’s no indication of its duration, but this will be a more intimate conference with intense talks and a closer look into what it means.

If you want to know everything that will be presented at this event, you should know you can watch the live stream on Xbox in the usual channels on YouTube and Twitch. What are we waiting for? We’re already in possession of some data.

What should you expect from the Extended Showcase 2023?

It’s important to clarify that this presentation won’t be as good a battery of trailers and announcements as it was in the past. Watch the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 or Starfield Direct – it’ll also add new shots, new photos and a surprise to what sounded like here.

At the moment, games like Avowed, Senuas Saga: Hellblade II or Microsoft Flight Simulator, they have already confirmed their presence.

The event will offer a deep dive than you’ve seen in Avowed, Towerborne, Senuas Saga: Hellblade II, The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom and Microsoft Flight Simulator: Dune Expansion, plus a lot of games from our creative partners. There will also be several guest appearances if you like other people.

Do you think you’ll appreciate what you will do with your Xbox One X|S? Remember that at Hobby Consoles we’ll inform you live of all the news. How do you think of this no E3 2023? Who did better so far? The Capcom showcase 2023 has recently been performed.

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