This Pokemon won Japan’s biggest Scarlet and Violet tournament without a hold item

An accurate decision.

Japan’s Japan Nationals take place June 10 – 11 o’clock, so players should bring their best technology and to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet competing battlefield. Only one could be victorious, with Kaito Arii taking home the post of Japan’s 2023 national champion, with a team showing off a baffle without holding the item with uncommon move options.

The first year of the tournament had closed game sheets, while the second game had cleared game sheets, but the second type was closed. The traditional format for each tournament, which is mostly closed, was a controversial decision for most of the Asian competitive circuits, but was prompted by the unorthodox players who were willing to take the opponents seriously.


(@UB_SLOW) June 11, 2023.

Ariis had plenty of awkward choices; the choice the principal was his Talonflame, which had no hold of a key item. The movement Acrobatics, the double that drives power with a Pokemon that has no armed weapons, was operating. Although Pokemon that normally want to run Acrobatics allow its doubled power by quickly using an item, Arii decided to forgo one entirely, a bold choice.

The other Pokemon on Ariis team included the frequently overlooked Maushold-Annihilape core, but the over feel seemed too passive for most players tastes. All these were carefully built up to achieve the success of Arii in the country’s biggest tournament.

Pokemon won the fight against the champion after antisemitic accusations were heard.

DefiantLevel: 50Adamant Rage Fist Protect Flowers!

You’re a Mourning of SashAbility, a Mourning of friends – 30 % winnt – Helping, Protect, and Take SashAbility and resentment.

A swivel sword: One ballgun, a tiger. A smuggling sword.

Thing-Lu @ LeftoversAbility: Vessel of RoinLevel: 50Impish Sand Tomb Overheating Heavy Slam Protective Powers:

Grimmsnarl (M) @ Light ClayAbility: G-Level: 50Sassy Spirit Break Reflect Light Screen Misty Terrain.

‘Syss’: ‘Hands for the Witch’, ‘Pick’, ‘Java’, ‘Baby’, ‘Click Down’, ‘Dirence’, ‘Dear’, ‘Shes for the Thicken’, ‘Jaggers’, ‘Hard’ and ‘Tibet-Y’s Snake’, ‘Viller’, ‘Dont Have Thick shack

Generally described as the MVBMost Valued Birdon any team its on, Talonflame will run the moves, Brave Bird, Tailwind, Taunt and Will-O-Wisp.

This gives Talonflame priority Speed control if it’s in full health and a better way to nerf any Physical Attackers with Will-O-Wisp. Taunt stops opponent of Pokemon from turning up and using Status moves, while Brave Bird gives strong and consistent damage.

The way that Arii decided to fix this problem is by running the move Acrobatics without a held item, making it so that Acrobatics almost rivals Brave Bird damage and don’t inflict back on Talonflame and make it lose its Gale Wings.

While Arii could’ve also used an essential item to make sure that Talonflame gained the benefits of an item while receiving the doubled damage boost from Acrobatics, it would be necessary if it were used with another Pokemon on the team, such as a Terrain-setter for the procitive development of Talonflames, ruining the rest of the synergy that the team possessed.

If anything, Ariis Talonflame blew a strong priority Acrobatics off by keeping his Gale Wings unoccupied, subsequently able to create a high priority Tailwind whenever needed without having to worry about the opponent from outpouring and knocking out his Talonflame.

Out of this, his Talonflame also runs the Quick Guard and Protect moves. This is one of the easiest steps to run in VGC. It isn’t known that this is one of the most common moves of all time in the world.

In addition to the MVB, Ariis Ting-Lu is very interesting, since it’s a sexy nature, and defense-boosting one. This was a choice that multiple players took, to display variety of Pokemon during Japan Nationals, which means that there’s something that the Japanese metagame is accounting for, and which the rest of the worlds players aren’t currently privy to.

As per Ariis team overall, there is no real instant effort pressureing the opponent, but the Pokemon should get in front of the clock, or as far as the damage control could be achieved.

Some people don’t expect such a team to do well, except to win a large tournament such as Japan Nationals, where players have resisted a lot of competitions and increased popularity of competitive Pokemon and improves the ability of different players to succeed in any competitive sport.

This victory earned the Japanese player Day Two invitation to the 2023 Pokemon World Championships held in Yokohama, Japan in August, allowing him to skip the day one competition in competitive Pokémon competition.

Apart from that, Arii received a Travel Award for his win, with the fact that all his travel arrangements cost to Yokohama for the 2023 World Championships, covered by The Pokemon Company.

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