Need for Speed Unbound Next Update Vol. 3 releases June 20

The New York Times - and the NZT was announced today. Three will be out this June 20th! There is a new Speed Pass, new events, cosmetics and many more. Get to the list of the new trailer for the latest details. Need for Speed Unbound Next Update Vol. 3 New Content: Speed []

The latest update entitled ‘Need for Speed Unbound’, Vol. 3 will be out this June 20th. There’s a new Speed Pass, new events, cosmetics and more. Read the full list of new products and trailers.

Need for speed Unbound Next Update Vol. 3 new content:

  • Speed Pass: Rank in an awesome move with Speed Pass, new progression system which includes free cosmetics and custom items for the player. Enjoy 75 tiers of content, including new outfits, Driving Effects, neon lights, banner stickers and more. Complete challenges to earn XP for sweet rewards, such as the new Legendary Customs Viper (2013).

  • Cross the track across the map, take a walk to one of seven locations from the Seba Ski Resort to the Quarry. Join the Lakeshore community to crush stunt-based challenges and complete collective goals, with a turn a clock over four rounds. The new DMC Delorean will feature the XP for Speed Pass and Bank – in order to earn sweet cosmetics and customs; and complete 12 rounds of the Linkup event for six to win.

  • New Drift Playlists allow players to score as much as possible through each lesson.

  • Robojets Swag Pack: Available for $1,99. Players can buy many unique items and buy more, including a garment pack, an Driving Effect, a exclusive horn and an Legendary Custom. This is the Mazda RX 7 Spirit R (2022).

  • The Ford Mustang GT legendary custom pack is available for 99 dollars, as well as the Legendary Custom Ford Mustang GT (2015) and a 20-level Speed Pass boost which will reward players with more advanced cosmetic or customization items.

  • Customs Pack for 5.99 dollars.

Now that the patch is out, read it.

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