Capcom Showcase 2023 recap Dragons Dogma 2, Ghost Trick Demo and Pragmata

GameCentral brings the news from the final preview showcase of the season together, the new Ace Attorney compilation will be announced by Capcom.

It wasn’t easy to find the exact answer.

GameCentral rounds up the news of the final preview showcase of the season, as Capcom announces a new Ace Attorney’s list.

A loose collection of unconnected preview shows, that has only been close to E3 for several years now, is now at an end. It began the controversial PlayStation Showcase two weeks ago and then began with the Summer Games Show and Xbox Games Showcase last week and ended with the Ubisoft Forward and Capcoms private event.

Sony’s Showcase was clearly a major misstep, Xbox snatched universal acclaim for its event and Ubisoft managed to get the most out of the ordinary with a very expensive line-up. Summer Games Fest, which is the no. centrepiece of season, was, by contrast, a bit non-entity, although it was neither very exciting nor terribly disappointing and it was probably the only way to describe the Capcom Showcase which is, as well.

The big difference is that Capcom had nothing to prove, especially given the old ad, and still the few titbits and the little evidence that we got were a welcome bonus. There may be other events in the next few weeks. In the summer of 2014, rumours suggest a Nintendo Direct launch; but for now it was finally the last big show until Gamescom in August.

In Kunitsu-Gami: Path of The Goddess, P.D.

Unfortunately, the trailer that happened in the Xbox Games Showcase was exactly the same as it was shown. Even though we do not remember the joke that it enticed both strategy and action, I don’t know what it is about. According to the Buddhist scriptures, the Buddha is a god, but he is a god and an evil spirit of the Shinto religion, and so does the Buddha.

In the original revelation, we felt sure it would turn out to be a new Onimusha game, which means that Capcom now has two new titles which look like an off-season liar, but still don’t have any more to do with it because it happens to be the spin-off of Exoprimal.

Mega Man X Dive Offline!

We’ll drop some spoilers here and admit that there weren’t really any major announcements during the show and we doubt many people in the West, and especially not in Europe, are interested in a new Mobile game. It is a particular subject that does have gacha elements, which involve collecting and unlocking new characters and stages. If you are interested, it’s out later this year.


Though briefly mentioned, there was no release date for Resident Evil 4s mode, but there were no release date for Pragmata, the mysterious third person action game announced back in 2020, but never mentioned again. I think that this news is not great, and since it has not been indefinitely delayed, the announcement has even been announced. Capcom apologized to the games fans but wasn’t sure how you can become fan of something when you can’t even know what it’s like. Yes, the new Capcom is all too interesting.

Ghost scream: Phantom Detective!

Luckily, Ghost Trick is a perfect gem. When it was released in 2010 for the Nintendo DS, it was the brainchild of the Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi (who seemed to promote the game, and claimed he spent two weeks practicing English) but never proved very successful. This highly welcomed remaster has already opened for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s not over, on June 30 but if you don’t go there, try out the free demo that should be available as a read.

Apollos of Justice: The “Proceed Attorney Trilogy”

Shu Takumi, as we can see, there’s a new remaster collection of the four, five and six mainline entries in the Ace Attorney series. Apollo Justice was first released in 2007 on DS. In this year the new lawyer reverts to Phoenix Wright as the main playable character. In 2013, Dual Destinies was first on the 3DS, and Spirit Of Justice is now the final entry in the series. It was launched for 3DS in 2016 before the second release. There are still no signs of a new game, but hopefully that is all this – building up.


Another game that is coming out soon, this non-Dino Crisis related dinosaur game seems to be Capcoms’ attempt to find a live service title, even if it is a paid-for game (although it is free day one through Game Pass). Recently, the exosuits you wear more than the dinosaurs you fight, but it’s still a multiplayer-only game, even though there is a certain kind of story going on.

The Showcase footage focused on a new game called The Savage Gauntlet, which involves five player missions and changes weekly. Oddly, there was no mention of the Ryu and Guile exosuits present at the Xbox Games Showcase. However, Capcom has announced a second open beta, which runs from June 16 to 18 and comes with further story related missions and co-op options.

Dragons Dogma 2:32.

Even though it got the big slot just after the end of the film, there was just a second glance at this long-awaited sequel. Surely it wasn’t the only reverberation for the lack of co-op options, and the fact that it was the same open-world playplayer. With AI-controlled Pawns and humans, its omnipotent and dangerous pawns seem to be human allies. As it goes, this game is very dangerous and it is an attempt to fool that humans will exist in the game. It’s a zombie game where there’s no need for a hand to interact with those pesky humans.

Capcom revealed that the game world will be four times bigger than the first and highlighted the immersive physics, via a destructible bridge and the fact that you pull a monster’s leg makes this happen. Everything looks fine, but the moment a big picture was taken. There’s no word on a release date yet.

And that’s it. The project’s 50th anniversary will be celebrated later this year, but in some cases this year, the artist will get a digital museum called Capcom, which they use to celebrate the fact with free playable retro games, art & concept designs.

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