Pokemon Go has added a local leaderboard with new PokeStop Showcase feature

A basic introduction to simple competition in community settings.

Pokemon Go was present at Summer Game Fest 2023, and developers Niantic gave them an early look at the upcoming feature for the popular mobile game Podestick Showcase.

If you were active on social media during Summer Game Fest, there might be mentions of the feature popping up in Los Angeles. In an interview with Dot Esports on June 10, Niantic explained several important aspects of this new mechanic: how it will function as a local leaderboard and give players rewards for participating.

While things like the Raid of Shadows and various events will bring together the whole Pokemon Go community in different ways, Niantic is still contemplating alternatives that will improve the local experience of getting out and playing too. PokeStop Showcases are just one of the few new things the team has introduced this summer, and they’ll act as a lightweight local leaderboard for those who want to show their best catch.

Pokémon Go is coming soon. This is a digital image.

Pokemon Go is the heart of the game, and the players keep coming back for almost seven years. As well as this, friends and players discuss their new catches with each other, whether it be online or at the end of a school.

This show-off spirit is a part of the Pokemon Go franchise, says Alex Moffit, who has been executive director for Pokemon Go. Were a little light on leadership boarding and explicit competition in the game, and that’s deliberate. We know that it happens outside of the game when friends joins, and everybody finds creative ways to compete. We thought, what happened if we add some spirit to the game.

Certain PokeStops will host these exhibitions that Niantic will use to promote friendly competition and promote select specific Pokemon.

Each Showcase will focus on each Pokemon, but multiple encounters may occur to any given time. And, while each Showcase can only feature one species at least one at launch, there’s also a category for them, starting with the biggest Litten, which ties into a XXL and XXS-sized Pokemon in the last December.

PokeStops will let players show off their collection publicly. Screenshot via Niantic.

It’s not possible for PokeStop Showcases to be permanent leaderboards, but rather survive for short periods to be organized around events and other happenings throughout the season. Everybody who enters his Pokemon in a Showcase also receives rewards such as Stardust, XP and other items that scale with where you place on the last list.

Pokemon Go is a great game of Pokémon Pokes. Niantic saying that they are common occurrences and automatically have a Showcase Medallion over Pokes which have an active Showcase. There will be new Medals and players who drop Pokemon in a Showcase can swap them out to have another Pokemon once more, even if they are not close to PokeStop anymore.

Niantic did not confirm a precise date of release for the PokeStop Showcase, or the newly confirmed Routes feature that was also mentioned to Dot, however, the team joked that this announcement coming from Pokemon Go Fest 2023 around the corner might be an opportunity.

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