Bronze LoL players like to pick this middle laner, but they struggle to secure victory

The times change, but that champions pick it in price.

One classic League of Legends champion is often associated with low-rank players, and in Patch 13.11, he had the highest pick rate in the mid lane in Bronze, though not always consistently consistently win.

The prized champion of bronze is Yasuo. He currently reaches 16,2 percent of the pick rate for each other according to the U.GG statistic. Unfortunately, the winning team failed to win the Unforgiven Championship, the champion sitting on a low 49,55 percent spot in the middle lane.

I think it might be something that is surprising that Yasuo is popular among the younger players in the league. The midrange has high skill ceiling, but he was arguably one of the most often selected champions of the history. At this point, the League community created many memes about Silver or Bronze players who chose Yasuo and failed to carry the game, and although his pick rate remained stable, he did it still look like they still have an impact.

If Riot does not change his kit, Yasuo will always be popular in League. Video from the Riot Games

As we mentioned earlier, Yasuo is a robust pick. He can play on his own. To do that, however, the players need to master their kit, which often requires a lot of work and understanding of the fundamentals. When selecting the champion, it is important that the right team composition ensures he can fulfill his ultimate goal. Even the lower ten league rankings aren’t known for a clear communication and clear gameplay.

With the first update, Patch 13.12, launched on Wednesday, June 14. The latter brings a lot of changes to the olympics, but it shouldn’t affect the champions’ popularity. Lifetime, taxes, and Yasuo being appointed into lower ranks.

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