Star Wars Outlaws will see and talk about the authentic sci-fi simulator

GameCentral knows how to watch exclusive footage of the new release of free world Star Wars.

Star Wars Outlaws Kay appears to be a fun person already (Picture: Ubisoft)

GameCentral has exclusive access to the newly released film Outlaws, open world star-craft game, and talks to the game director and narrative director.

Seeing as the Xbox Games Showcase was so impressive, it wasn’t an Xbox exclusive that was the popular and famous game immediately after the game, even though it ended up with the full 30 minute preview of Starfield. It was a different sci-fi game, like the newly announced Star Wars Outlaws.

It’s already known that Ubisoft worked on an open world Star Wars game, but they never talked about anything else about it in public before. Its rumours pegged the rumour that the universe was focused around the seedier side of the Star Wars universe and involved bounty hunters and/or smugglers.

In some way a Mandalorian game would mean a game, but that was a bad idea, but instead a third person action game you play as the new character Kay Vess, who will likely be described as a female Han Solo. Were sure the final game won’t give her more nuanced portrayal than that, but clearly how she was originally pitched and how people expected to think of her.

This game was made in the end of the year period between the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The Civil War is the tumultuous moment that a number of criminal gangs began and ran, including the Hutts, the Pykes, the Disney-Hello and the Solo film, and there is a new generation of criminal gangs who were able to build the game.

It is still not clear what the overarching story is about, as the footage we saw focused on a single mission; it was about Kay and Nix, a bit like a furry Axolotl and sits on Kay’s shoulder in a suspiciously similar way to BD-1 in Star Wars Jedi. There are some other problems in the series. To compare the two Star Wars games, Outlaws opens world is a lot more expansive, and there is nothing to this puzzle piece.

We don’t know how much of what we saw will be shown at Ubisoft Forward event, but we heard that at least some of it was exclusive to the closed door session that we attended. The whole project was made possible by Kay and Nix completing a mission for a crime boss from a Mon Calamari prison, whose purpose was to steal one kind of pearl-like item from a smuggler base.

Kays default strategy appears stealth but the demo (and w/ were willing to bet this bit will be shown at Ubisoft forward) shows the three uses she can find for Nix while hidden out of view, using him to attack enemies, distract them or move a button that crates across the hangar so that Kay can jump on it and escape its unwantedness.

I have no idea what the idea is, until she’s discovered, and began a fight with the pirates and in some way, beating him and using her blaster on the other side. When Nix has a heavy repeating blaster and you have just a tense gun, she can let rip with that like a gatling gun. She runs outside, uses a grappling hook and jumps on a speeder bike (it seemed more like a swoop to us but didn’t go split hairs) and takes a fight with other cyclists in a quick fight that involves a fight of slow-mo.

This could be understood as a Force power, but we don’t think that that was what was going on, as no other means are Kay’s Force sensitive. He is returning to town and a representative of the Imperials is present, asking for a bribe, so that they could look another way. The latter forced the TIE Fighters to immediately reward Kay, who gets pounced as soon as he leaves the firefighter.

Following the flight, the first space expedition was able to begin, with Kay trying to jump into the new star system. All the graphics at this moment are absolutely stunning, with some detail that easily surpasses Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and so far far as other next gen games that we have seen.

A short montage then showed a quick look at what the developers later confirmed was Tatooine, and also a couple of locations we didn’t recognise, some Imperial base or capital ship and then what is blatantly Kijimi from The Rise of Skywalker (the occupied planet later blown up by a Star Destroyer), but for some reason the developers wouldn’t confirm that one.

Star Wars Outlaws are a pretty game. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Everything’s great, but the presentation ending with a statement that the game is designed to use three key variables for its purpose; the graphics that are there. The dense urban areas, the slumber of wide open spaces and the risky space exploration.

The gameplay does not sound like a whole game, but Massive proved themselves in the past with The Division, and they are also working on Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora, which is a movie licence game with an open world environment, although it seems much more intimate in terms of gameplay.

It seems very promising, so if they’re naturally cagey at this point, we could start and hear some more details from game director Mathias Karlson and storywriter Navid Khavari, when we went to them afterwards.

Windows One, Xbox One, and Xbox One, and PCD: Starlight: Superstore: Massive Entertainment.

GC: I wonder how it works with Lucasfilm, given the number of publishers and developers they are working with now. Do they want people to make something according to their specifications or do you need to tell them what you want to do?

NK: Well, I think I started a lot of different fantasies when we began reading Star Wars Outlaws. I think that the idea of being a scoundrel just got all that nostalgia back from the original trilogy. That felt a little lonely in the Star Wars universe. And then when we spoke to Lucasfilm, they also fell in love with that idea immediately.

And together we finally discovered that between The Empire and Return of the Jedi, there’s real a year gap when the scoundrel fantasy is at its peak. The civil riots are everywhere in the world. So the underworld has this window to open up, isn’t it? You have unions coming to power. How better way to get a scoundrel in, whos just starting, having to navigate those syndicates to come in with them? I mean everything.

GC: There are obviously a lot of do-goods around today, including the existing Star Wars games. What do you look like, in terms of combat and other elements, when it comes to those games?

MK: There’s still three things to consider. We can have space with your spacecraft and can use space exploration and combat. And the open world, for sure, isn’t just right, but also your speeder. We really saw it as a lot more than point A to point B. We said: Let’s make travel fun, but also make that a freedom machine. Besides, it can allow you to get to places that you could’ve otherwise missed. But, of course, the gameplay experience on both Kay and Nix is vast.

Since Kay’s trade is a thief, so there’s definitely going to be shooting and you’ll be able to take a blast in a variety of situations, if the circumstances escalate or have you wanted to take a proactive approach. But, as such, you become a multifaceted enlister with stealth and infiltration, taking things slower and more thoughtfully, manipulate things and situations from afar with Nix. So I think that you can see and feel in play that there are tons of effort to push things as you desire.

GC: I don’t know how this actress is doing.

Humberly González.

GC: The character seemed immediately believable, but I can not help but wonder if it’s already too cool? Han Solo wasn’t a scoundrel because he stole anything, but he felt pretty good on him, but I don’t know that Kay really did anything morally ambiguous in anything I had seen so far.

With Kay, she has her own personality. And when we wanted to think about the most important thing of that, how do you look for someone who has been dying for a living for all of us? You are like that person who possesses this heart, and we almost always talked about Nix’s role in the society and support system you use to hide those people from the underworld.

And so what beauty of it is when we go along. Seeing the other scoundrel characters in Star Wars and they have kind of figured out that world already, there may be a little cynical streak. With Kay, if it’s ever going to come, it’s not really there yet. And I think that it’s about us, in that particular sense of interest and strength.

What have we discussed in the writers room, of what would a scoundrel experience to today, what would they feel like? How would they act or behave? And how would they react to the first confrontation? There is everything she’s going to like to love to the end. You know, I think that as soon as she sees the world, that she feels the same way that she sees all these things, you get something fresh and unique. We intended it as a purpose.

MK: She is very fierce, isn’t she? He’s daring, but even charming. And it’s not what we’ve talked about, but I think Kay doesn’t punch up, but she churns it up. There’s no problem. He and I think the range in personality really fits fantasy and the archetype. It is therefore an expression of freedom for you, as a player and as a player, to enter the journey of the decisions you make along the way and their impact on the experience as well as the syndicates.

GC: Another reference point is not only Star Wars Jedi, but also Starfield. How would you describe the difference between your game and Bethesda?

MK: I mean, mK and Nix, they have a very intimate relationship from start to finish. They have their best friends, their friends are their families. He is much more than a pet. And I think that Nix is already a starting point for our relationship of care, and you know, our relationship to the heart. But it’s way more than just characterisation and story in their relationship.

Nix is a key element to the core games. I sometimes think of him as Kays long, shy, and ill-like deafness to interact and manipulate the world around her. So. There are actions that you can execute together, that you won’t be able to do as usual. I think that is the foundation of it.

Those two grew up together, right? They’re friends. Nix was part of her life with all the trouble that she felt. When you take that dynamic and you throw in someone like ND-5, whos that ex-commando droid who travels with Kay as a child but doesn’t want to partner with him. He’s creating a really awesome contrast for the three of them. I think it’ll look amazing when we see more of it.

MK: So, as you saw in the trailer, you managed to proceed without draw attention to yourself thanks to Nix. Even though the gunfire started blazing, Nix ran out to grab a heavy rifle, and gave you that suppressive fire that you needed to get out of the lurch.

GC: You look to be travelling for a different star unit on the mission. Do you have multi-karats in this game?

NK: Yes. Two planets.

GAO: How long does it last? [Laughs]

NK: [laughs] Now I could say you were seen Tatooine.

GC: I wonder whether that was Tatooine.

MK: Jabba the Hutt yourself!

On the other hand, there was also the planet from scratch.

It’s our first planet. That was handcrafted and what was amazing about it was that we could really create something unique combining East African Savannah with this kind of inspiration, and with these canyons and a dense urban city.

The Star Wars Outlaws look like lots of different planets exist (Picture: Ubisoft)

GC: Which planet do the other planets have the open world, too? Does Tatooine have an open world environment?

GC: [laughs] And that other planet was, for me, the occupied planet in Episode II, that was broken up. Is this not true?

GC: OK, [laughs] But, the third column of the game seems to be starfighter combat, which is one of my favourite parts of Star Wars. My favourite parts of Star Wars are always bounty hunters/smugglers and space combat, so youre dealing with the two favourite elements of this war.

One of those two: [laughs]

GC: But how do you pitch that in terms of complexity? Because I love old X-Wing games and the EAs Squadrons, but sometimes this type of thing in other games is pretty shallow. And in addition to these games, youre an iraqi ship, or a guinea, you are not a starfighter.

MK: A thing who’s been amazed and proud of, honestly, is to have a chance to bring that range, in one game. Like the real world, the possibilities range from dogfighting with your own ship to throwing boots on the ground in a city. That wealth of wealth and wealth lies at your disposal.

Go for it, Is it smooth? It’s not a straight shot of where you can take off and enter space?

MK: The aim is always to make the experience from very small to very small in space as seamless as possible. And we want this game to be a game that you enjoy, if you’re a Star Wars fan, if you’re a open world fan, whatever you like, the same as you’re on the other hand.

It’s a game that can be played, but still offer enough for people who are looking for new challenges and want to dig deeper. And I think in space combat, we have found a really pretty sweet spot. I was strong.

GC: I don’t want to thank you, please. Yeah, I was just one more man. Was there a story in the show trailer for that boy? I know he was a big-time smuggler, but he’s not clear whether he was more likely to be an ever-growing smuggler. Are you making her canon?

NK: I love your answers and I would like to say, sorry if you asked them the right questions. I would like to answer that.

GC: Well, it’s great. Thank you for your time.

MK: At least not.

NK: What a pleasure.

The Star Wars Outlaw is this Kabraki? (Picture: Ubisoft)

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